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VEO - Vostochno Evropeiskaya Ovcharka
East European Shepherd
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Breedstandard  VEO
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The East European Shepherd, short VEO for Vostochnoevropejskaya Ovcharka in Russian, is quite rare in Western Europe, but is starting to get more and more fans. He looks very much like the German Shepherd, only with a straigt back and the sizes up to 73 cm and heavier build. This breed has been created in the year 1930,  in the former UDSSR as a working dog adapted for service in the Army and police.  The breed is not (yet) recognized by the FCI, but in Russia (RKF), since July 2016 now in Scandinavia, Ameria, UCI and the German IHV eV. Breedstandard East European Shepherd East European Shepherd (Vostochnoevropejskaya Ovcharka, Byleorussian Shepherd, Russian German Shepherd compiled  this from various sites wikepedia, dogbreedinfo, russian shepherd.com History and General Appearance The East-European Shepherd originated in 1920s-1930s as the result of crossbreeding German Shepherds with such Russian dog breeds as Caucasian dog, Central Asian dog and Laikas and even Great Danes (but after the lack of good results, they have been taken out of the breedingprogram). The Soviet military, impressed by the German Shepherd’s working abilities, wanted to create a similar Russian dog more suited for the climate, with stronger body and bite. The development of this Russian German shepherd started in the Byelorussian region, and the breed was initially called the Byelorussian Owtcharka.  After the WWII the careful and systematic breeding was resumed, resulting in a new Soviet dog breed, the East European Shepherd, distinctly different from the German Shepherd. Its first standard was approved in 1964, while the new Russian dog became the main military and the KGB service breed. The East European Shepherd is probably the most intelligent of the Russian guard dogs (Caucasian dog, Central Asian dog, Russian Sheepdog, Russian Terrier, and Moscow dog). It has not only an honorable protective instinct but also a very well-balanced character. This East European shepherd is resistant and aggressive to strangers as well as fiercely loyal and affectionate to its family. It is very devoted and will protect its master at all costs.  When on guarding duty, the East European Shepherd usually keeps silence, which makes it a perfect watch dog. It is very trainable and obedient, making this breed a favorite of many professional dog trainers. This Russian dog doesn’t have major health concerns. Its life span is 10-14 years. Temperament   The East-European Shepherds are very agile, sensitive, loyal, and devoted to their owners. The East-European Shepherd is balanced, confident, intelligent, and playful; however, it is known he is very distant  from  strangers. „May I touch or hug your shepherd, please“ is not something I would recommend.  Exceptions prove the rule of course.   It is a tough breed, making it a great guard dog.  East-European Shepherds are working dogs and need to be exercised regularly. They were bred for their intelligence and they are quick learners. Their ability to stand many extreme climates allows them to live outside, as well as inside. They perform well as hunting dogs and can work as draught dogs in a group of the same. Head and Skull. Head is proportional to body; massive and wedge-shaped. Forehead is slightly rounded. Stop is pronounced, but is not abrupt. The muzzle is equal in the length to the skull. Lower jaw is well developed. Lips are tight, with good pigmentation. Nose is large, black. Scissors bite; teeth are large, in full complex (none are missing). Eyes: are medium, oval, obliquely set, dark, with close-fitting, well-colored eyelids. The accepted eye colours  of the East-European Shepherd are amber, brown, or hazel in colour, darker colours prefered.  The overal effect of the gaze coming across as serious, self-assured, and intimidating. Ears: medium-in-size, pointed-at-the-tips, and turned forwards like it's german shepherd ancestor they should stand naturally erect Mouth: Jaws strongly developed. With a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaws. Teeth healthy and strong. Full dentition of 42 teeth is desirable. Neck:Powerful, medium length and well arched. Forelegs: straight and strong with good angulation Body: Their backs are strong, wide, and long, the chest is moderately wide, while the belly is reasonably tucked up.  The loins are long and wide, well-muscled and slightly arched. Their croup is wide, long, and slightly sloping towards the tail Hindquarters: Overall strong, and straight with good angulations.  Any tendency towards over-angulation of hindquarters, weak hocks, cow hocks or sickle hooks, is to be heavily penalised as this reduces firmness and endurance in movement. Feet: oval and compact well cushioned and durable. Nails short, strong and dark in colour. Tail: Bushy-haired, reaches at least to hock – ideal length reaching to middle of metatarsus. At rest tail hangs in a scimitar-like curve; when moving raised and curve increased, ideally never above level of back. Short, rolled, curled, generally carried badly or stumpy from birth, undesirable. Gait/Movement: Sequence of step follows diagonal pattern, moving foreleg and opposite hindleg forward simultaneously; hindfoot thrust forward to midpoint of body and having equally long reach with forefeet without any noticeable change in backline. Absolute soundness of movement essential. Coat: is medium in length.  Outer coat consisting of straight, hard, close-lying hair as dense as possible; thick undercoat. Hair on head, ears, front of legs, paws and toes short; on back, longer and thicker; in some males forming slight ruff. Colour: The acceptable colors for these dogs include saddled (that can be saturated to give an almost black-and-tan or black-and-red appearance), blanket-back black and tan, solid black, and solid liver. Some rare colors include: blue (saddle, blanket-back, and solid), silver, and solid white. Agouti—gray and red is permitted for breeding but not desired. Size: Male 26-30 inches (66-76 cm), Female 24-26 inches (61-72 cm larger height is preferable Weight: Male 77-130llb       female: 66-110 llb Faults: Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog. Note: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum. Serious faults Deviations from the breed characteristics described above, weakness of the muscles, long hair, a sharp deviation from the sexual kind, weak ligaments, a curvature of limbs, unbalanced movement, weak ears, bright eyes, unsafe behavior • Ears faults: Laterally too low set ears, overturned ears, not consolidated ears. • Considerable pigment deficiencies. • Strongly impaired overall strength. • tooth error: all deviations from scissor bite and the dentition formula, as far as it does not involve eliminating faults (see following) is. Disqualification a) Being weak, vicious and weak-nerved dogs. b) Dogs with proven "serious HD". c) Monorchiden and cryptorchid and dogs with clearly uneven or atrophied testicles. d) Dogs with disfiguring ears or tail defects. e) Dogs with deformities. f) Dogs with dental defects in the absence of: 1 times premolar 3 and another tooth, or 1 Carnassial, or 1 premolar 4, or 1 molar 1 or 2 molar, or a total of 3 teeth and more. g) Dogs with jaw defects: Overshot 2mm or more, undershot Biting throughout the incisor region. h) Dogs with Oversize or undersize by more than 1 cm. i) Albinism j) The hair color white (even with dark eyes and nails). k) longcoated (long, soft, not fixed lying topcoat with undercoat, flags on ears and legs, bushy trousers and bushy tail with streaking down). l) Long hair (long, soft top coat without undercoat, mostly parted in the center back, flags on ears and legs and tail). Cowardice, uncontrolled aggression.
Renewed on 17-01-2017
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